Sunday, August 5, 2012

U.S.A. vs. Jamaica?

Like many of you, we have been perched around the Olympics the last week or so watching the competitions. There is a whole lot of patriotic cheering each time a medal is received, and we love the truly inspiring stories of these tremendous athletes. 

BUT, the last few days as the competition has gone from the  pool to the track a different kind of excitement has taken hold of our household. Fred showed up with Red Stripe beer  yesterday and whipped up Jamaica patties in the kitchen all weekend, which were gobbled down by all of our children happily. And why shouldn't they like Jamaica patties, since they are in fact like their father -Jamaican. I know that may be hard to believe with a name like LeGare, but its true. Freds wonderful mum was born and raised a Jamaican. They also have the COOLEST ACCENT EVER ( lets just be perfectly honest about that once and for all.)  And with names like Bolt and Yohan, hey- I'm diggin' it..

We kind of find ourselves in a win win position each night watching track and field. If the Americans win OORAH! If the Americans get beat by a Jamaican OORAH! Usain Bolt and Yahon Blake are well thought of in these parts. We share a common heritage and that is certainly something to be happy about. 

So our win/win situation  almost feels like an unfair advantage, but I'll let you all decide what you think...

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