Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday, What a Day!

We got a whole lot accomplished around here today, making it an overall happy day in the household. Not only did we finish wallpapering the pantry doors in the kitchen - after a year of deliberating on choices- but we also did a bit of work on the pool area.

kind of a bold statement

 Also today Mary learned to swim without any floaties, and Sarah started swimming for real with floaties! Both of these were moves in the right direction. Having a pool, develops a keen sense of how important the ability to swim actually is.

Hoping by summers end she can do the floaties too!

We are going to try to knock off small but manageable jobs around the house ( like the pantry doors) for the rest of the summer, because tackling bigger jobs is ALWAYS an issue, having married a carpenter and all.   Once work was done we had supper by the pool ( salmon- had to put it back under the broiler as it was way pink in spots- my bad!) and the boys headed out to a dance. Hopefully the kids will sleep well tonight. 

Two bad spots in the day- Sophie drank a spot of cough medicine, in which the child proof cap did NOT work properly ( tsk, tsk, triaminic). Luckily there was only a little left. And poor Mary got stung by a bee while stepping out of the pool. Deodorant really does in fact take the sting out ( I hear baking soda too, but haven't tried that one out yet).

Hope you all enjoyed your Summer Saturday as much as we did here!

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