Friday, June 22, 2012

C.S.A.- Hip Hip Hooray!

So, we joined a C.S.A. called heavens harvest this year, and this was our second pick-up week. It has been totally exciting for me to think about what is coming home in the bags! I wish I was able to put together my own garden, like we used to years back, but life is coming at us pretty hard and fast most days. Gardening requires a whole lot of effort ( just check my friend Christine over at Crunchy Country Catholic  for verification of work load). The C.S.A. is a good compromise for us. I explained to Mary tonight when she asked what  CSA meant, that its kinda like being part of a farm family. We support local farmers, they feed us fresh veggies! In fact all my kids got into the act tonight as soon as the produce came walking through the door. Matt prepared an enormous salad, Michael pulled mint leaves together while Mary mixed them into a pitcher to flavor lemonade and iced tea, John-Paul diced squash, zucchini, and tomatoes and sauteed them to toss with pasta, and I snuck fresh kale into the over with some sea salt and olive oil ( and a smattering of cheese) to make kale chips. The supper was a huge hit. Its really fun to get creative in using it all up each week as we anticipate the  following weeks arrivals. 

prep time
mint leaves to flavor summer drinks
Matt made an awesome salad
kale chips with sea salt, olive oil, and a touch of cheese
Pasta waiting to be doused with fresh veggies
It really is a heavenly harvest. I'm looking forward to Fridays all summer long! 

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