Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Sarah has been thinking about coconuts today. She asked me:

"Mommy, do coconuts come from the sand ?"  (Hmmm- no- clearly they come from Coco puffs.)

She asked  later on what coconuts turn into when they grow up. ( bowling balls)

They seem to have taken on a magical property to her. Sort of like pineapples have for me. I never ate pineapples as a child. I had my first bite of one as an adult and was transported into spiritual ecstasy for a moment. I late found dipping them in warm caramel is spectacular to the taste-buds.  When I visited Nicaragua I tried white pineapples, which are indeed though hard to imagine- better and sweeter than  a 'regular' pineapple.

I am not a huge fan of coconuts, but I think maybe I will find some neat things to do with them this week to see how Sarah reacts.

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