Monday, May 25, 2015


So, we've been having a ridiculous amount of fun.  Way, way more than we deserve. My sister is such a hoot to  hang out with that my kids haven't stopped laughing and giggling since she arrived. 

Then something sort of went wrong.  Fred noticed the hvac wasn't working properly. It kept humming,  so to be polite he called and let the front desk know (cause-he-notices-how-everything-works-and-when-its-not-up-to-speed #carpenter).

So, Peter calls us while we are at the boardwalk and says our room keys don't work,  and the guy at the front desk had been looking for us cause they're going to make us switch rooms. I tell Peter I don't believe him and say he should quit joking. #hesnotjoking.
Next thing we know, they have moved us to the penthouse,  cause.... why? 

Because this vacation is awesome!  Every room has a view of the ocean.  Since it took them a few hours longer than they anticipated to clean it,  they gave us a dozen free passes to the in house skating rink. 
Life is good.
Real good.

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