Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lots of Birthdays

We just finished up Sophia's 5th birthday and Matthew's 15th today. I cant believe my baby is five. There, I said it. Now its out of the way. Sophia is five.

I told my kids last Spring when they came home raving about a birthday party they had been invited to, and asking   like Veruka Salt ( I want it now!)  for their OWN, PERSONAL, PARTIES, soon, Soon, SOON! That I'd think about giving them one.

 I wont blame anyone in particular for starting this nightmarish, endless,exhausting, novel idea
( whose initials may or may not be A.L. and who had lots of helpful 'fairy ideas' from a friend with L.D. as their initials to start this massive chain of events happening in my household) It just happened one afternoon, before Michael's birthday in early April. And there is no use going back over it now. Anyone who wanted a party, got a party. It was definitely an awful lot to work into one year.

BUT, my logic was, if I did it all in one year, I could get away with simple family parties for quite a while afterwards. Years maybe. This was a virtual investment in simple carefree birthdays for an eternity.( keep that simple term in relative measure here. Simple for us with 12 is maybe not so simple after all, but mentally I think it is, so there's that to contend with. My mental battlefield is always half the battle)

So today drew to a close that year long party promise with a twofer of Matt and Lolo. We have had sleepovers, pool parties, boy parties, girl parties, movie parties, and dinner parties, and video game parties along the way. Its been a beautiful year for our family. I am so grateful for my kids. I am also so grateful for all you lovely people who came and celebrated with us. Again, and again, and again. We are blessed.
princess party time

 Even if we're a little partied out.

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  1. Happy Birthday! We have three bdays in February so we are gearing up for party season!