Thursday, May 29, 2014

The washing machine is broken

Our washing machine is broken. Or at least its broken enough for me to have given up on it. It still whirls clothes around in it for the allotted time, but when you open the door at the end of the cycle- everything smells bad. In fact it smells way worse than it did when you first put the clothes in, to begin with. Its become a magic stink bomb of sorts.

The even worse part about this is that Fred isn't even *pretending* to try to fix it anymore. When I tell him 'Hon, the washing machine isn't working" he walks into the laundry room, looks at the growing piles of laundry, and then browses the computer for images of the newest models before calling it quits.

Tools aren't even part of the equation.

Which has actually made my housework surprisingly easy. I wake up, make my bed, throw some dishes in the dishwasher, wipe the counters down, and close the door to the laundry room. Voila! Job is done.

I know this will catch up with me at some point. Like when there are no more clean clothes in the house, or I cant fit any more dirty ones into the stinky laundry room any longer. But that day is not today. And there seems to be a lot of bathing suits and clean underwear between now and then.

So, I'm gonna just go with it for a while. Cause, you know, it was a long school year and all.

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