Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer day

Fred was going to be working on a roof today. I said was. The rain made it an office day, happily. We had coffee together while we prayed our morning prayers and listened to it drip, drip, drip. And then we spent about 4 hours writing estimates, and invoices before there was a long enough break to let the girls take a dip. Sarah is almost completely independent in the pool now- and a self taught swimmer- so we are doubly proud.

Just when Fred started to get restless, he remembered that our raspberries were ready for picking. He gathered all the young-uns' together and put gloves on as many hands as he could find, and they set to work. By this evening we had our first batch of raspberry jam for the season. Best part was not having to leave the yard. We should have another batch by the weekend, giving us about 18 jars total. I'm going to try to do a few different types again this year. I am aiming for hot-pepper jelly but have never done it before. We'll see.

I also want to show off the rest of my potted garden, which miracle of miracles,has still not died! I haven't bought tomatoes for a few weeks already, and they look like they'll be coming for a while. Best potted veggie so far was my Japanese eggplant. It is producing like crazy. Potatoes are going swell also.But, its not all bliss. I have one tomato plant that is really struggling to grow. I am being gentle with it, as it reminds me of how I looked when I was pregnant with Sophie- worn and tired! That plant doesn't have to do much to stay in my good graces.

and they're off
best picker of the day award
Lo-lo and Sarah ate far more than they picked
Michael was determined to fill the bowl with or without them
the last of my strawberries
broccoli in full swing-orange tree in the background

hand full of tomatoes every few days now
finished product by this evening

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