Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The JCPenney Straw

Ok, I am really upset. I am REALLY upset. With ten children and a busy life, I don't often get to do fun things like redecorate my living room. In fact the last time I bought living room furniture was over ten years ago. I bought Rowe furniture at the time and it held up really well. It is super comfortable and durable, and in the face of great adversity- it withstood the challenge of my entire family. But it is completely worn out now, and we NEEDED new furniture.

So I began poking around and finally found something I really liked online at JC Penney. I placed an order over a month ago and have been waiting ever since then for the new furniture to show up. I have been planning paint colors, and new curtains, and getting generally giddy over the thought of a new looking room. This really meant something to me. Maybe it shouldn't have, but it did. I am a realist.

So, even though there have been numerous problems to be upset about over the last month or so, and even though I have lots of responsibilities to think of, I have been tucking away that little hopeful day in my mind, and trying to make the best of all these other situations. Alas, sometimes its little things that go wrong that make life a whole lot worse- at least for me. Today it was the JC Penney straw that broke this camels back. 

 You see, yesterday was the day the furniture was to ship to the factory. I waited patiently all day for a call to set up delivery. None came. Today I waited again. silence. Finally late this afternoon I searched out my confirmation number and placed a call. I spoke with a lovely girl named Rachelle (I think that was it). She tracked down my information and then politely told me "M'am, you're shipment was placed on back order and won't even get to our factory until the end of August, and from there, they will schedule a 2 week delivery time frame." I asked her why in all of this time ( over a month) no one had bothered calling me? She didn't know. How bout why I couldn't find that on the order tracking information that was on my reciept? Not sure. When did they actualy think I should be notified of this information? Not sure.I told Rachelle that she sounded like a very nice girl, but that I'd like her to cancel my order. This has made me sad. In fact I am beyond sad and gravitating towards angry.

I also mentioned to her that I felt this was the worst customer service I had seen in a loooonnnnggg time, and that I would make sure to tell my family and friends how poor a job was done by JC Penney. So here is that promise to you all. You see, unlike JC Penney, when I promise something to someone- I will actually deliver.

In case you are still wondering about the point of this post:



  1. :( yeah... this would make me really angry too. I think you and I can handle all the "big" things patiently, but stuff like this really ticks us off.

    Iiiii think, they should come and SEE your couch AND all your kids, then they should offer to give you furniture for FREE!