Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Little Bear

Happy Birthday little bear! I can't believe you are two years old. Time passes so quickly in a big family.Running around after older ones, chasing babies from here to there. I love birthdays for the focus they bring to the individual. Its so important to remember you are not just one among many, but a whole complete person all by yourself! Your warm smile wakes me up most mornings. What a gift to lift your chubby little body from a crib you will too soon outgrow! I will enjoy your birthday today. I will watch and remember for you and tell you about it in years to come. I will be your memory for now and try to capture the feel of you as a tiny girl and record it in the recesses of my heart. Cupcakes and princesses, hearts and flowers, pony stories and airplane rides are all for you today! Hip-hip-hooray!

Caturing My Thoughts

So, I have decided to try blogging. I am already a little overwhelmed  at just  having to set-up a page. The whole process is quite an experiment. Hopefully it will be worthwhile in helping to capture some of those wonderful moments in my incredibly busy household. I am forever promising to take a few pictures or send an email about the shenanigans of the clan. Maybe this will help me gather a few snapshots in words and pictures to describe our ever growing family. It might even preserve some of those finer moments every Mom is familiar with that live on in the heart to be pondered for days to come!